The 2024 Season Begins on March 23rd!

Of course, the c-virus


I hope everyone is staying safe and doing what needs to be done.  

You are hearing about this awful thing 24/7, so I won't go into it, but wanted to let you know a few changes:

  • Due to the C-Virus, a lot of my shows are in limbo.  Many are waiting to see where this goes and when it runs its course.  As I hear updates, I will post them on my website and I will send out an email.

But some good news!!!!

All of our candles are in the store.  If you live local, I can drop them off.  If not, shipping will be calculated at checkout.

We also have gift cards!  I know a lot of small businesses are hurting.  Gift cards are the best way to support these businesses when sales are low.  (outside of buying product). If you bought a gift card to your favorite restaurant, you would be helping the owner now and have a nice dinner out when everything blows over.

Stay safe and hope to see you at a show soon!

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