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Aroma Ornaments: An FAQ

Hi!  I hope you have had a chance to check out the newest addition to the Jersey Girl family; Aroma Ornaments!

I love making these!  The shapes and fragrance combinations are endless and the finished product is so pretty!

We are still in the process of finalizing our packaging for our aroma ornaments.  They have been so popular our focus is getting more made and ready for the holidays.

But, if you have already bought an aroma ornament, you may have questions.  We are here to help answer those questions.  And as always, we are available through email:

Here we go...

First, what are aroma ornaments?  Aroma ornaments are plastic aroma beads that are fragranced, colored and baked into different shapes.  Our favorite:  the state of New Jersey, of course!

What can I do with an Aroma Ornament? You can hang them in a closet, in your car, on your Christmas tree...any where you want to have an awesome smelling fragrance.

How long do the Aroma Ornaments last?  They will last upwards to 1 month or longer, depending on the environment the ornament is hung.  If it is in a hot car, the fragrance will be used faster than a cooler car.  In a temperature controlled environment, a month.  As of this posting, 11/28/22, I have had my aroma ornament in my car for about a month and it is as fragrant as day 1!  The one thing I did notice is that the ornament has to warm up a bit before the fragrance is noticeable.  Like most New Jersians, the ornaments prefer the warm weather.

Will my ornament melt in the sun/in front of a heater?  The beads start to melt at 165 degrees.  Now, melting isn't like ice cream on a hot day.  They will become soft and the beads may separate.  The best thing to do is put it back in it's smell proof bag and remove from the extraordinary heat until it gets cooler.

Can I re-fragrance my ornament?  Unfortunately, the fragrance process starts at the very beginning, allowing the beads to absorb the fragrance and are unable to be refreshed  But, you can use them as sun catchers or ornaments on a tree or in a window.  They are beautiful in the sun!

Are Aroma Ornaments toxic?  What happens if I eat one?  I recommend not eating the ornament, no matter how much you like the fragrance.  Most of the fragrances we use are skin safe.  While they are skin safe, I don't believe they are extremely dangerous to touch or eat.  But again, it is a foreign object and I recommend not licking, eating or digesting the Aroma Ornament.  As for toxicity when heated, we use a 350 degree oven and they are not toxic at this temperature; the sun will not cause them to become toxic.

Can I get Aroma Ornaments custom made?  Of course!  I love getting ideas and customizing products for you!  It may take a little bit to get the appropriate cookie cutter in, but I will let you know what is available (I have a few vendors), the available colors and fragrances to make your idea, a realty!

I hope this helps answer some of your questions.  As always, please feel free to email us any additional questions you may have about the Aroma Ornaments.  As with my candles, I love making these and love the reaction I get at craft shows.  I think you all are digging them too!

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